Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The immensity of time and space

I am back and finally getting my bearings, after one month in the parallel dimension that is Oregon. When I was there, I felt as if everything that happened to me in Colorado was but a dream. Now that I am back, it seems impossible that life goes on just as it did in Oregon. My collaborators tried to explain to me about time and stars. They tell me that when we look to the sky and see a star, what we are seeing is not where the star is anymore, because in the time between the star sending the light and me receiving it the star itself has moved on. I wonder if there is such a rift even in the miles between my these two states where I live? Officially there is only a one hour difference, yet how can these two worlds ever really know about each other? If we were to abandon our technology, and I was to try to beam whatever light or energy I possess as a living creature back to my home in Portland, would it ever make it? Or even if I were to use the available technologies, can they really get the essence of this experience, here and now, all the way home? I don't believe so. I think I can never do much better than that star, sending my light and moving on, not worrying about who will see it and when. Or, as the cliche goes, I must be here now, wherever I am. Let's get back to linking, shall we? I will go ahead and link you to the website of one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been, the place where my heart wants to be tonight:
And I will post a few pictures from the amazing 8 days that I spent there this month with Joel and Fever...